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Hollywood multiplex is the most modern cinema in Romania. End of the yearly 2000

open, offers this place shining, multicolored and modern equipment. Comfortable Lehnstühle with supports for beverages and enough area for relaxation, 10 cinema halls with air conditioning system, 2140 seats, 48 daily are only some the advantages of this place. Hollywood multiplex will represent enterprise from Andrew the G. Vajna, one of the most influential producers in Hollywood in Romania by the Hungarian society Intercom, was based. Address: Calea Vitan 55-59, Tel: +40 21 327.70.20.

Pana SilviuCinemateca Româna (the Romanian Kinemathek) has a clear position. A safe goal for those, which would like to enjoy a classical film. Here classical Hollywood productions, in addition, numerous Romanian films is demonstrated. Address: Eforie STR. 2, Tel: +40 21 313..4.83.

Cotroceni/Glendale Studio is the cinema of the serious public, the connoisseurs of this range. Is a low-priced place, which offers night demonstrations - at the time if different cinemas to be closed. Address: Soseaua Cotroceni 9, Tel: + 40-21-212.64.41.

Corso lies in the proximity of the city centre, in a populated area. The cinema is a small architectural feat offers a hall with 300 seats, with western conditions and an intimate atmosphere, in order to enjoy a good film. Five film demonstrations daily. Address: Elisabeta boulevard 7, Tel: +40 21 315.13.34.

Pana SilviuLira the cinema is more elegantly, more intimate and at the same time modern place, as if it would be sketched for the pairs, which would like to enjoy a special evening. The large canvas, according to the western standards, is one of the attractions. On weekend daily 15 film demonstrations take place. Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 196, Tel: +40 21 410.21.71.

The Patria cinema, with modern area, one first-class canvas and 1,000 seats is in the city centre. This cinema becomes estimated for the western atmosphere, with the broad marble halls and the last technology within the range. Address: Magheru boulevard 12-14, Tel: +40 21 211.86.25.

Pana SilviuThe Scala cinema lies 30 meters from Patria far away, on the same road. Do not let from the little attractive front disappoint itself! Inside you will find and a place organized west to marble. Address: Magheru boulevard 2-4, Tel: +40 21 211.03.72.

The Studio cinema in close proximity to Piata Romana, is one of the dynamic and shining places in Bucharest. An accessible cinema, is the ideal goal, if you are in the city centre and liked a film to enjoy. Address: Magheru boulevard 29, Tel: +40 21 212.81.57.

Elvira Popesco is converted the elegant cinema, from the French Institut. A place that French productions dedicated - films, plays or concerts. Address: Dacia boulevard 77, Tel: +40 21 210.02.24.

Luceafarul. Central situation, with film scenes on the walls to be introduced, typically for the old communist countries. Address: Bratianu boulevard 6, Tel. +40 21 315 87 67.

Europe. Here you can enjoy good, less commercial films in peace. Address: Calea Mosilor 127, Tel. +40 21 314 27 14.


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