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Cultural centers

French Institut is the oldest French cultural center in Bucharest. Existed since 1923 and by one of the most important buildings in Bucharest one accommodates. With the time here large personalities of the French culture worked - Dupront, Focillon, Barthes - and have for the development of the French image and for the transmission of the culture values of latin, frankophonen and frankophilen people - the Romanian people, contributed. Nowadays, Institut French courses offers, an extensive library - with approximately 35,000 documents - to demonstrations in the own cinema hall and weekly seminars, with topics how: Europe, social, philosophical and literary problems. During the yearly here numerous culture events take place, the theatre, music the forming and representing arts are dedicated to which. Address: Dacia boulevard 77, Tel: +40 21 210.02.24, fax: +40 21 210.02.25.

Pana SilviuBritish Council. An English heart, which strikes in the bukarester center. The library in the upper floor is impressing and had at any time the newest publications (including Videokasetten or CD-ROM). Here you can find also British newspapers and magazines. In the basement a study center was organized, where English courses are spoken. The certificates received from here are valuable. In the yard you can discover a British Café and an Internet Café. Address:
Calea Dorobantilor 14, Tel: +40 21 307 96 04/307 96 00, fax: +40 21 307 96 01.

In the Goethe Institut in Bucharest strikes a German heart. The intensive German courses, which are organized annually in two series, the examinations to the certificate of the German knowledge, a large library and numerous culture events, represent the central part of this institution. Address: Henri Coanda STR. 22, Tel: +40 21 210.41.18, fax: +40 21 312.05.85, goebibl@fx.ro, www.gothe.de/bukarest.

In the Cervantes Institut you can experience with security of everything via Spain. Relatively new - 1991 opened in Romania - here Spanish courses, examinations of the knowledge become - which for the grant of the DELE certificate, when Spanish speakers lead - cultural meetings and different seminars, organizes. A particularly attractive offer is well equipped with the newest technology in the Multimedia range the library. Address: Serghiescu STR. 12, Tel: +40 21 230.13.54, fax: +40 21 230.34.64, cenbuc@cervantes.es, http://www.cervantes.es/.

Pana SilviuThe Italian Kulturinstitut organizes concerts, lectures, exhibitions of the Italian artists in Romania, round of tables and Italian courses. The library has an on-line catalog with approximately 10000 books on Italian language. Frequently to be searched the Italian courses, which are offered by this institution. So estimated that one must receive promptly a date. Address: Aleea Alexandru 41, Tel: +40 21 322.71.72, fax: +40 21 323.48.41.

Petöfi Sandor cultural center. A generous offer within the range of the Hungarian films, conceptions and seminars, for the approximation of the Hungarian and the Romanian culture. Address: Zalomit STR. 6, Tel: +40 21 314 98 80.

Hungarian cultural center. An elegant building, in which a library with numerous Hungarian works would separate, exhibitions and, with frequent demonstrations find a theatre. Address: Batistei STR. 39, Tel: +40 21 210 48 84, fax: +40 21 210 48 11.

Polish Institut offers a comprehensive bookshop and courses in Polish language. Address: Aluminium Constantinescu STR. 46-48, Ap. 1, Tel: +40 21 224 45 56, fax: +40 21 224 56 93.

Czech center. Here you can improve your Czech arts and literature. Address: Ion Ghica STR. 11, Tel: +40 21 312 25 37, fax: +40 21 312 25 37.


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