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City of the expression of opinion

After the revolution of the communist regime, in the year 1989, Bucharest and the whole country registered a boom within the range of the information. The transition of the censorship on the part of the communist party, which controlled all for the public offered information, to an absolute liberty took place in few weeks.

Pana SilviuThe result was that after the year 1990, over night an impressing number from newspapers, magazines, printering, Radiosender, television channels and press agencies came to the world. All belong to the private entrepreneurs. The only one, which remain further in public range, are the national press agency Rompres, the national broadcasting corporation - with transmissions in 17 speaking and the national television company. This offers annually more than 13,000 transmission hours, by its three channels: TVR1, TVR2 and TVR internationally.

Into the 90ger years was the daily edition of the national daily papers - Adevarul, România Libera, Evenimentul Zilei, national, Ziua, Cotidianul, Libertatea and Cronica Româna - larger than millions copies. Nowadays, after this boom, the editions of the central newspapers vary between 50.000 and 200.000 copies. Regarding the television channels, nowadays ProTv, Antena 1, great Tv, are TVR1, B1 Tv the most important.

The following publications appear in English language, whereby most are to be found in the Hotelhallen of the hotels. All contribute to the support of a sense of community, in case of the foreigners, who live in Romania…

Pana SilviuBucharest Bussiness Week. This magazine can be found in the whole country. Here you can find numerous pikante information. Address: Ion Filibiliu STR. 6, Tel. +40 21 326 05 27/326 05 28, fax. +40 21 326 05 32, editor@bbw.ro, sales@bbw.ro, http://www.bbw.ro/.

Expat Life. An interesting newspaper, with various opinions, maintenance and current information. Address: Iuliu Tetrat STR. 24, Tel. +40 21 230 20 46, fax. 310 33 05, expat_life@hotmail.com.

Nine O' Clock. The only Romanian daily paper in English language. Address: Splaiul Independentei 202A, Tel. +40 21 222 82 80, fax 223 35 13, nine@nineoclock.ro, http://www.nineoclock.ro/.

The Business Review. With articles, which are supported outstanding by information within the business, political and cultural range. By E-Mail, the yearbook Workbook offers an additional service and the twice-monthly magazine of the Romanian business, Biz. Address: Regina Maria Boulevard 1, sheet P5B, Ap. 10-11, Tel. +40 21 335 34 73, fax. +40 21 335 34 74, editorial@bmg.ro, sales@bmg.ro, http://www.businessromania.com/. http://www.businessromania.com/.

Vivid. A serious publication, marks by the opinions within the field of the policy and by the ability to bring the best Romanian and foreign writers together. Address: Petre Cretu STR. 32, Tel. +40 21 224 54 61, fax. +40 21 224 54 62, info@vivid.ro


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