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Accommodation-sing-offered in Bucharest is enormous. Of 5 stars hotels, which offer conditions and services, which can at any time successfully compete with the western standards, up to the student homes, are Bucharest the city, in which an invitation corresponds to your financial possibilities and requirements at any time.

Under the usually estimated hotels we mention the following…

Athénée Palace Hilton - the most famous and probably best hotel is in the center of the capital. All rooms have outstanding equipments, like very roomy bathrooms, enormous beds, interactive television program and 24 hours room service. The listing of the services offered by the hotel is impressing, including free use of the Fitnesszentrums, as well as a rich selection of restaurants, Cafés and bars. 5 stars. Address: Episcopiei STR. 1-3, Tel: +40 21 303.37.77, hilton@hilton.ro.

Bucharest Marriott Grand hotel. A large hotel, both which the actual size, is and the equipments concerns. Räumige rooms and all dreamed services, even bathroom in those offers you with security would also sleep. In addition a shopping centre and the World Class Health academy can be found in this hotel some the best restaurants in the city. 5 stars. Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 90, Tel: +40 21 403.10.00, marriott@marriotthotels.com.

Pana SilviuCrowne Plaza Bucharest. Lain in a calm, green area in the northern part to the capital, Crowne Plaza Bucharest belongs to the elite of the Bukarester hotels. The rooms order over impressing equipments, with laptop - connections and safes. In addition transport from and to the air port becomes free of charge secured. The conference room can take more than 200 persons. 5 stars. Address: Poligrafiei boulevard 1, Tel: +40 21 224.00.34, reservations@crowneplaza.ro, http://www.bucharest.crowneplaza.com/.

Pana SilviuIntercontinental. Many more again, but nearly just as famous as Athénée Palace Hilton, the hotel Bucuresti Intercontinental is the highest building of the capital. During the revolution in December 1989 it was the center, from where the journalists observed the events “with own eyes”. Nowadays Intercontinental remained the far favorite of the journalists, and for good reasons: all rooms were reconditioned and modernized, have large and comfortable beds and bathrooms, which are accordingly equipped the highest standards. 5 stars. Address: Nicolae Balcescu boulevard 2-4, Tel: +40 21 310.20.20., marketing@interconti.com, http://www.intercontinental.com/.

Majestic. Had a certain Grandeur. The internal elegance and the good services are the emphasis. The rooms, all equipped with television, telephone and air conditioning system, are light through urgent. 4 stars. Address: Academiei STR. 11, Tel. +40 21 310 27 20/72/; +40 21 310 27 15/35/46; Fax. +40 21 310 27 99; reservations@majestic.ro. , http://www.majestic.ro/

Sofitel. This place has a special atmosphere and a perfect Professionalismus of the employees. As one of the most modern hotels of the city, Sofitel offers luxuriöse rooms, several restaurants and bars. In the ground floor you find also the Einkaufszentreum World trade center. The guests are invited Le club, also to the complex in the proximity, one of the most pleasant entertainment centers into Bucharest. 4 stars. Address: Piata Montreal 10, Tel: +40 224.30.00, sofitel@sofitel.ro, http://www.sofitel.ro/.

Parliament. An elegant and intimate place is, with certain attention for each guest in the proximity of the parliament palace and is. Most rooms have Jacuzzi and bathrooms. Although the areas are rather small, one can state that the luxury here at home is. 4 stars. Address: Izvor STR. 106, Tel: +40 21 411.99.90, info@parliament-hotel.ro, http://www.parliament-hotel.ro/.

Casa Victor escaping you the hot atmosphere from outside and ease you in an intimate, pleasant environment and in room those are in good taste furnished. A special discount in value of 10% for more than three stays lasting for weeks. 4 stars. Address: Emanoil Porumbaru STR. 44, Tel. +40 21 222 57 23/222 96 26, fax +40 21 222 94 36, victor@mediasat.ro, http://www.casa-victor-hotel.com/.

Pana SilviuBest Western Parc hotel an elegant hotel, with a completely modernized building and with all-highest Diensttandarden, Best Western Parc hotel is one of the largest hotels in Bucharest. The rooms are roomy, the equipment are in good taste and the mechanisms - including laptop - connections - are more than satisfying. With only 10 minutes far away from the city centre, this place is probable the best 3 star hotel of Bucharest. Address: Poligrafiei boulevard 3-5, Tel: +40 21 224.20.00, bestwest@parch.ro, http://www.parch.ro/.

Class hotel. Lain in one the calmest and most beautiful area of the northern suburbs, Class marks itself as an ultramodern hotel, by roomy rooms, which correspond to 5 a star hotel, completely equipped bathrooms and a outstanding panorama. An already famous point of attraction is the restaurant with marvelous courts. 4 stars. Address: Gârlei STR. 30A, Tel: +40 21 233.28.14, reservation@class-hotel.ro, http://www.class-hotel.ro/.

Continental. One of the largest and most pleasant hotels of the Stadt.Es is in the city centre, in which proximity of the royal palace and has for over 150 years its good reputation acquired, which concerns the style and the elegance. One of the points of attraction is the surprising connection of the classical style with the equipments of the newest technology. 4 stars. Calea Victoriei 56, Tel: +40 21 313.41.14, continen@kappa.ro, http://www.continentalhotels.ro/.

Lido. A building is in kind the Deco style and lies in the city center. With in good taste furnished rooms, a wonderful garden, a pool and a terrace with pleasant atmosphere, the Lido hotel is suitable for comfortable days and relaxation. 4 stars. Address: Magheru boulevard 5-7, Tel: +40 21 314.49.30, lido@lido.ro.

Middle class hotel

Ambasador. A building in kind the Deco style in the city center. Rooms, bathrooms and services correspond the 3 stars and the offered panorama of most rooms are pictorial. The breakfast is enclosed in the price. Address: Magheru boulevard 8-10, Tel: +40 21 315 90 80, fax: +40 21 312 35 95, hotel@ambassador.ro, http://www.ambasador.ro/.

Antheus a bezauberndes hotel, in one of the most beautiful and most elegant environments of the city Bucharest. A rich selection of services offers and ever more artist and businessmen tightens. Transport to the station or to the airport is made available. The breakfast is enclosed in the price. 3 stars. Address: Abrud road

1A, Tel: +40 21 223 43 13/223 26 43, fax: +40 21 223 43 14, anth@totalnet.ro, http://www.atheneus.bucharest-online.com/.

Banat. The front still to be reconditioned must, hidden surprisingly modern and clean rooms. The roomy bathrooms are another surprise of this hotel. If you are with a larger group, you will find the apartments low-priced. 2 stars. Address: Piata Rosetti 5, Tel: +40 21 313 10 56/313 10 57, fax: +40 21 312 65 47.

Batistei hotel. A place, which of orange - brown color play is characterized. The rooms are roomy and with television equipped. The breakfast is enclosed in the price. 3 stars. Address: Dr. E. Bacaloglu road 2, Tel: +40 21 314 90 22, fax: +40 21 314 08 87.

Bulevard hotel. Is in the city centre and is much likes. The roomy and comfortable rooms are a reason for it. 3 stars. Address: Regina Elisabeta boulevard 21, Tel: : +40 21 315 33 00/311 10 99, fax: +40 21 312 39 23.

Capitol hotel. With a Paris atmosphere, roomy rooms and large beds, the hotel is an attractive offer for those, which are on the search for low-priced accommodation. 3 stars. Address: Calea Victoriei 29, Tel: +40 21 315 80 30, fax: +40 21 312 41 69, reservations@hotelcapitol.ro, http://www.hotelcapitol.ro/.

Hotel Caro club. A rather eccentric hotel, in an old building covers with red bricks. In the viktorianischem style established, consists of three separate buildings. All rooms are very roomy and very kokett decorated. A discount is seen for those, which stay overnight here on weekend. 3 stars address: Barbu Vacarescu road 164 A, Tel: +40 21 208 61 00, fax: +40 21 208 61 01, caro@carohotel.ro, http://www.carohotel.ro/.

Cent ral hotel. The areas are bright, are equipped with television, mini bar and bathroom with shower. 3 stars. Address: Ion Brezoianu road

13, Tel. +40 21 315 56 36/312 40 10/315 56 35, fax +40 21 315 56 37/312 40 11, hotelcentral@romaniantourism.ro, www.romaniantourism.ro/hotelcentral.

Hotel Dalin. A small hotel, directly in the south of the Unirii of place, in the proximity of the city centre. Had comfortable rooms. 3 stars. Address: Marasesti boulevard 70-72, Tel. +40 21 335 55 41/336 62 83, fax +40 21 336 62 84, dalin@hoteldalin.ro, http://www.hoteldalin.ro/.

Duke. A bezaubernder place in the city centre. The personnel is always polite and serve eager and the entire environment is relaxing. Roomy rooms, appropriate bathrooms and all necessary equipments. 3 stars. Address: Dacia boulevard 33, Tel: +40 21 212 53 44/212 53 45, fax: +40 21 212 53 47, office@hotelduke.ro.

Erbas. The hotel, which lies in the proximity of the airport, is for this reason in particular under the business ringing likes. In a concrete block of flats established on the Pipera Sos., the hotel has a bar, which fulfills all expectations. The breakfast is contained in the price. 3 stars. Address: Alexandru Serbanescu STR. 27, Tel: +40 21 232 67 16/232 27 16, fax: +40 21 232 65 27, erbasho@I-net.ro, http://www.erbasu.ro/.

Flanders. With an elegant Belgian style, the hotel offers roomy rooms to a friendly and professional atmosphere, with appropriate bathrooms. They must absolutely visit the restaurant in the ground floor. 3 stars. Address: Stefan Mihaileanu STR. 20, Tel: +40 21 327 65 72, fax: +40 21 327 65 73, office@flanders.eunet.ro, http://www.flandershotel.ro/.

Green forum hotel. Outstanding by the excellent kitchen of the restaurant. In the basement is a complete Fitnesssaal, which has Dampfbad and Hydromassage. The rooms are roomy and luxuriös and the panorama are wonderful. 3 stars. Address: Pictor Barbu Iscovescu STR. 19, Tel: +40 21 230 66 66, fax: +40 21 230 66 66.

Hanul lui Manuc (Manuc´s hotel). One of the oldest buildings in Bucharest, a historical and fairy taleful place. The hotel is equal in the city centre, the place, where actually Bucharest came to the world. 2 stars. Address: Franceza STR. 62-64, Tel: +40 21 313 14 15, fax: +40 21 312 28 11, http://www.hanulmanuc.ro/, hmanuc@mc.ro.

Helvetia. With appropriate prices and a wonderful situation - in the proximity of the Herastrau park. For the received services you pay a relatively small price. The park prospect is beautiful and the rooms is particularly calm, although they are not so far from the tumult of the driving past cars away. The beds are very large and the equipment show a good taste. Behind the hotel, on the Popa Savu 75, the Savion mansion, an auxiliary building of the hotel lies. 3 stars. Address: Piata Charles de Gaulle 1-3, Tel. +40 21 223 05 66, fax. +40 21 223 05 67, helvetia@ines.ro, HTTP: //helvetia.netvision.net.il.

Ibis. Comfortable rooms and a friendly atmosphere offers. 3 stars. Address: Calea Grivitei 143, Tel. +40 21 222 27 22/222 27 24, fax. +40 21 222 27 23, reservations@ibisaccor.ro, http://www.ibishotel.com/, http://www.accorhotels.com/.

Hotel Minerva. Recently reconditioned, is the hotel again likes and admits become and had a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. The rooms are largely enough. Here are also two apartments, which are rented for long-term stays konnen. 3 stars. Address: Gheorghe Manu STR. - 4, Tel. +40 21 311 15 50/55/212 85 26/30/31/41, fax. +40 21 312 39 63/312 27 34, reservation@minerva.ro/minerva@minerva.ro.

The Opera hotel is behind the Romanian opera. Recently reconditioned, nowadays one of the best mittelklassigen hotels, with far rooms, is outstanding operation and an excellent situation, in the city centre. 3 stars address: Ion Brezoianu STR. 37, Tel. +40 21 312 48 57, fax +40 21 312 48 58, hopera@kappa.ro, www.hotelcentral.ro/romaniantourism

Residence. Lain in a very good area, different kinds of room and outstanding services offer to the capital. The beds from wrought steels are recommended to you. They are to visit also the restaurant, with international kitchen. 3 stars. Address: Clucerului STR. 19, Tel. +40 21 223 19 48/223 19 12, fax +40 21 222 90 46, reservations@residence.com.ro, www.residence.com .ro.

Sky gate. As in case of the large airports, the Otopeni airport has also its own hotel. Opposite the airport is Sky gate, distinguished a clean hotel, with comfortable rooms and a very friendly personnel. Equipments for meetings of conferences, a sports center and a restaurant with traditional Romanian courts are here present. 3 stars. Address: Calea Bucurestilor 283, Tel. +40 21 203 65 00, fax. +40 21 203 65 10, reservation@skygatehotel.ro, http://www.skygatehotel.ro/

Triumf. Massif a hotel from red clay bricks, in the northern part of the city and an serve-eager personnel. 2 stars. Address: Sos Kiseleff 12, Tel. +40 21 222 31 72, fax. +40 21 223 24 11.

Inexpensive hotels

Turist. A large hotel from concrete, behind the Parc hotel. Is surrounded by calm green areas. The rooms are furnished with good taste, the personnel are very friendly and the swimming pool lie in the proximity. 1 star. Address: Poligrafiei boulevard 3-5, Tel. +40 21 224 20 00, fax +40 21 224 23 17, dht@parch.ro.

Bucegi. The best hotel in the environment of the north station. Some double rooms have televisions and own mechanisms, and the personnel is serve eager. 1 star. Address: Witting STR. 2, Tel. +40 21 212 71 54, fax +40 21 212 66 41.

Carpati. An appropriate place for those, which are on the search for good quality for small prices: lies in the city centre, is clean and surprisingly modern and friendly and the personnel speaks several foreign languages. The selection contains six kinds of room, with different sizes and equipments. 1 star. Address: Matei Millo STR. 16, Tel. +40 21 315 01 40, fax +40 21 312 18 57.

Cerna. A small hotel, with some larger rooms and own bathroom, televisions and telephone. 1 star. Address: Dinicu Golescu boulevard 29, Tel. +40 21 311 05 35, fax. +40 21 311 07 21


Marna. A hotel in direct proximity of the north station. The showers are together however clean and decay. 1 star. Address: Buzesti STR. 3, Tel. +40 21 212 83 66/212 75 82, fax. +40 21 312 94 55.

Muntenia. A large and low-priced hotel, in particular for those, which travel with a firm budget. Some rooms have own bathroom, other one however have a common bathroom on the passage. The rooms with television are expensive. Breakfast is served in the restaurant around the corner. 1 star. Academiei STR. 19-21. Tel. +40 21 314 60 10/313 68 19, fax +40 21 314 17 82, muntenia@dial.kappa.ro., http://muntenia.kappa.ro/.


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