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The Cafés

For several centuries the Rumäner has the habit of the Turks to enjoy a good coffee taken over. In contrast to other countries of Europe, a special ritual is kept here to the coffee benefit. The time stops simply, the seconds becomes to minutes and coffee steam is the only important one. Although Bucharest is nowadays further a kosmopolitische capital, the coffee takes a special place and under the most important cafes we mention…

New facts Brasilia is the ungekrönte queen of the Cafés in Bucharest. It is visited by the most elegant and bezauberndsten women of the city. This place is point of arrival close friends for long discussions. Also the offer is very convincing, a menu with different coffee and cake places. Address: Radu Beller STR. 6, Tel: +40 21 231.55.40.

Picasso Café is the perfect place, which you can visit with the friends, or where you know your office work terminated. The mechanism resembles a small Studio of a bohemischen artist, but the fine pastry and the Snacks remove each trace of an unorthodox life-style. Address: Franceza STR. 2-4, Tel: +40 21 312.15.76.

Pana SilviuSegafredo. Independently whether you are guest of the Marriot hotel or not, can enjoy you some relaxed instants in this Café of the hotel. The Italian coffee, the calm atmosphere and the outstanding operation surely meet your desires. Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 90, Tel: +40 21 403.35.11.
Café Molinari. A outstanding place in a outstanding quarter. This is the Café in that it from all delicate meals of a various menu will spoil.

Address: Nicolae Golescu STR. 14-16, Tel: +40 21 313.20.91.

Blue Café. A pleasant place, which verscheuchen the melancholy and sadness. Address: Stanislav Cihoschi STR. , Tel. +40 21 211 25 40/722,620,652.

Bonjur Café. Are you hungry and impatient? Here you can satisfy their hunger with the fine pastry with fleshy or sweet filling in. The coffee and the dte are first-class. Address: Calea Victoriei 26, Tel. +40 21 315 33 75.

Café bar Opera. A very popular place, in order to spend the afternoon. Address: Costache Negri 2, Tel. +40 21 411 63 23.

Café Einstein. The place is outstanding, the ice is marvelous and the coffee and the fine pastry is full benefit. Address: Radu Beller STR. 1, Tel. +40 21 230 43 84.

Café Nescafé. If you relax, enjoy a coffee and you see yourselves humans, who pass in a rush by the passage, on. This occupation can take several hours. Address: Universitatii passage, Tel. +40 21 312 39 43.

Café Royal Bistro. A special Bistro. Here you find for carrying forward and just as low-priced a lunch or a soup to coffee enjoy. Address: Episcopiei STR. 1-3, Tel. +40 21 303 37 77.

Caffe & slat. Popular meeting place for students and actors. The Café outer lait tastes outstanding. It is worthwhile itself to try also the hot drinking chocolate out. The lunches, Sandwiches with toast, the house-baked cake and the Croissants have also a outstanding taste. Address: Boulevard Schitu Magureanu 35, Tel. +40 21 314 38 34.

Pana SilviuCalifornia Café. The Café arouses a singular feeling. It is the place, where different French and Romanian wines and numerous coffee places are to be found. Address: Mihai Eminescu STR. 118, Tel. +40 21,212 48 98.

La Vie EN rose. If the life were just as pink as this Café, we would not drink any longer so much coffee. The operation is excellent and fast and the numerous beverages, cakes and Sandwiches is remarkable. The taste for music is also distinguished. Address: Sperantei STR. 6, Tel. +40 21 650 83 75.

Vienna Café. A roomy and far Café, in the first floor of the hotel Marriot. The fine pastry is outstanding. Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 90, Tel. +40 21 403 19 01.

Internet cafe

Brit C@fe. Numerous first-class English courts, with Sandwiches or cold lunch. Address: Calea Dorobantilor 14, Tel. +40 21 210 03 14, britcafe@britishcouncil.ro.

Cyber Espace. Large Internet Café, in French Institut. Buy a membership card and surfen you also. Address: Dacia boulevard 77, Tel. +40 21 211 38 36.

Silence Café. A truthful Internet Café with outstanding computers and good coffee. Address: Caderea Bastiliei STR. 19, Tel. +40 21,659 40 89.

ACCESS Internet. More than 20 computers have. Address: Boulevard L. Catargiu 6, Tel. +40 21 650 78 79.

eNet. 24 hours geoffnet. Address: Nicolae Balcescu boulevard 24, Tel. 315 48 71, http://www.enet.ro/.

FX C-3. Snaps computers and serious atmosphere. Meals, to drink and smoke forbidden. Address: Magheru boulevard 8-10. Opening time 10:00 - 24:00.

PC-Net Café. Popular WebCafé with first-class terminals and fast connection. Address: Calea Victoriei 136, Tel. +40 21 650 42 14. Openly 24 hours.


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