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Gheorghe Marinescu - 1863-1938 after the conclusion of the medicine faculty in Bucharest it accomplished for the first time a radiograph of a Akromegalie. It was one of the best researchers of its time. Teacher of the neurology department of the medicine faculty in Bucharest.
Victor Babes - 1854-1926 - one the founder of the modern microbiology, author of the first world-wide work within the field of the bacteriology. Former professor for pathology and bacteriology of the medicine faculty in Bucharest, Victor Babes made important contributions for the study of rabies, the Tuberkulose etc.

Ioan Cantacuzino - 1863-1934 - Romanian scientist, former professor of the medicine faculty in Bucharest, member of the Romanian academy, founder of the institute of the same name and the modern school for microbiology and experimental medicine.

Grigore Antipa - 1867-1944 darwinistischer biologist, former director of the museum for natural history in Bucharest - to time carries it its name and member of the Romanian academy and several foreign academies. He is the founder of the Romanian hydrobiologie and Ichthyologieschule.

Pana Silviu Nicolae Iorga - 1871-1940 - prominent personality of the Romanian culture and the largest Romanian publisher (approximately 1250 published volumes and 25,000 articles). After conclusion of the studies in Paris, Berlin and Leipzig, he holds his thesis (1893), and becomes at the age of 23 years correspondent of the Romanian academy. First-class European historian, energetic politician - founders of the nationaldemocratic party, Minister and trusted friends of the royal house - Iorga was completely productive also in the range of literary history and criticism.

Constantin Ith Parhon - 1874-1969 - Romanian Endokrinologe, world-famous scientist. Former professor of the university in Bucharest, member of the Romanian academy and several foreign academies and scientific societies in Romania and abroad, C. Ith Parhon is world-wide the founder of the Romanian Endokrinologie and one the founder of this science.

Nicolae Titulescu - 1882-1941 - one of the most famous diplomats of the last century. In the year 1912 he was selected member of the Romanian parliament and had an important contribution to signing of the Trianon of contract, whereby filter defiency guarantees at Romania one returned. 1920 step Titulescu on the international stage of the policy. He was a minister of foreign affairs, Ambassador and chairman with two mandates in the league of the nations.

Henri Coanda - 1886-1972 - inventor of the jet. It was born in Bucharest. On 14 December 1910 it accomplishes a flight for the first time, with a jet built by it. In the year 1934 he discovered the “Coanda effect”, with practical applications within different ranges.


Costin D. Nenitescu - 1902-1970 former chemistry professor at poly-technical Institut and at the University of Bucharest (1935 - 1970), member of the Romanian academy and several foreign academies (Leopoldina - 1963, Berlin - 1964, Munich - 1965, Moscow -1966, Warsaw - 1967, Budapest - 1970). In the year 1970 it in the FRG me was distinguished Hoffmann medal.

Pana Silviu

Grigore Moisil - 1906-1973 - member of the Romanian academy, the academy in Bologna and international institute for philosophy. It was active as professor for logic and computer science at the University of Bucharest, but it informed also in completely Europe. It as one the pioneer of the application of the mathematical logic remained in the field of the computer science.

Mircea Eliade - 1907-1986 - writer and philosopher, born in Bucharest. It had a enzyklopädischen spirit, always was on the search for the actual nature of the individual. In the age of 21 years it travels to India, where it studies Sanskrit, Yoga and Indian philosophy. Its thesis within the field of philosophy was “Yoga: Essay over the origins of the Indian Mystik”, the first comprehensive study over Yoga, which was written by a western one.

Emil Cioran - 1911-1995 - one of the most famous Romanian writers and philosopher of the last century. In the year 1932 it locked and was the University of Bucharest member of the group of intellectual, which exerted a deep influence on the Romanian culture in the time between the two world wars. In the year 1937 it established in Paris and was written its most important works in French: “On the heights of the despair”, “tears and holy ones”, “Exercices D' admiration”.

Eugen Ionesco - 1912-1994 - founder of the “absurd theatre”, a trueful more newer one of the dramatic technology. After the conclusion of the university in Bucharest, he established himself in Paris. Its works, to a large extent on French written, show the vision of the author over the fight of humans for surviving, in a society those humans isolated and appear strange. A part of its famous works are: “The lesson”, “the chairs” and “the Nashörner”.


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