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The bars

Crowne Plaza. Here, in an intimate atmosphere, relaxing moments with the friends can be verbriacht. It is a place, in which one can dance the whole night, without consideration on the next day. Address: Boulevard Poligrafiei 1, Tel: +40 21 224.00.34.

Dubliner is the first authentic Irish Pub, which was opened in the year 1995 in Bucharest. Despite the numerous competition, which appeared in the meantime on the market, this Pub market leader remained. This became due to the outstanding kitchen, the traditional decoration and the strong “irish” atmosphere, which are to be found in whole restaurant ermoglicht. Address: Boulevard Titulescu 18, Tel: +40 21 222.94.73, http://www.irishpubs.ro/.

Jukebox is in a cellar and is surely the most well-known bar of this kind. The main attraction is the own orchestra of the bar, which live ones - music plays. Into tracing the Karaoke plays - show a very important role. Address: Sepcari STR. 22, Tel: +40 21 314.83.14.

Pana SilviuLaptaria Enache is already a well-known institution in Bucharest. For all humans this place under the simple name “Laptarie” is well-known. In the fourth floor of the national theatre - in the center of the city - the restaurant is already a legend. Address: Nicolae Balcescu boulevard 2, Tel: +40 21 315.85.08, http://www.laptaria.totalnet.ro/.
Opium Studio. The difficulty to find this bar underlines the mysterious impression of this restaurant. That decoration is characterized of the French Surrealismus, everything used in a pleasant atmosphere. Very well for direct meetings. The basement is more simply arranged, retained however the same fine atmosphere. Address: Horei STR. 5 to, Tel: +40 21 253.07.88.

The Fifties. The gloss of the 50's, the music and the Porträts of the music kings of the time, retro the equipment and the outstanding services, everything bring successfully the atmosphere magnificent time again to the world. Try at least one of the numerous Cocktails and you of it will convince yourselves! Address: Roma STR. 5, Tel: +40 21 231.50.51.
Yellow bar. A restaurant in the center of the city, the relaxation by first-class music offers. That decoration brings the modern leather sofas together with classical elements, and creates thereby a pleasant atmosphere. Address: Edgar Quinet STR. 10, Tel: +40 21 310.13.51.

Bar Fly. The weekdays bring more fun than the weekends. The music is a mixture, like in most bars in Bucharest. Address: Ferdinand boulevard 3, Tel. +40 21 722 84 48 74.

Barbarian. In this bar you can find an intimate and discrete atmosphere. Candle light, wines and beer, environment music (often traditional or Folk), everything are here for your benefit available address: Towards. Brosteanu STR., fax +40 21 212 09 92.

Basilicvum Pub. A beautiful building and a just as beautiful situation (beside the Cismigiu park) are the elements of a good bar. Address: Schitu Magureanu boulevard 16, Tel. +40 21 315 47 93/722 33 18 96.

Colony. A popular bar, famous for the Pizza and salads prepared here and the cheap beer. Address: Pitar MOS road 8.

Downtown. During the day coffee is offered and Nachtsuber to know here different alcoholic beverages to try out. Address: Mendeleev STR. 32-34, Tel. +40 21 314 86 06.

Pana SilviuEdgar' s Pub. Bar in the center of the capital, with wood decorated, visits in particular from the students of the university or the architecture faculty. The beverages are brought to the table, and the salads and Baguetten are tasty. Address: Edgar Quinet STR. 9, Tel. +40 21 314 18 43.
English bar. With outstanding operation and customers purify. Here also the monthly meeting of the Cigar club takes place. Address: Episcopiei STR. 1-3, Tel. +40 21 303,377 77 direct-inward dialing 3962.

La 80. Ever more popularly, the bar offers steaks, salads and Snacks at appropriate prices. The music is better than in other places, the bar is unfortunately too early closed (at 1 o'clock at the night). On weekend the bar is overcrowded, so that a reservation is in advance recommendable. Address: J.L. Calderon STR. 80, Tel. +40 21 212 48 86.

La Mansarde. Half bar, half restaurant, half Romanian, half French, is in the last floor of a building in close proximity to Piata Unirii. Address: Calea Calarasi 46, Tel. +40 21 326 21 77/723 88 10 48.
Once Upon A Time. A pleasant restaurant, with interesting architecture. The position is wonderful and the beverages is completely good. Address: Gheorghe Manu STR. 34, Tel. +40 21 722,654,191.

Pavilion Lounge. If you stay overnight in the Marriot hotel, have luck, because the hotel has own bar. With outstanding elegance, first-class operation and with a rich wine selection, Pavilion Lounge is simply wonderful. Address: Calea 13 Septembrie 90 (Bucharest Marriot Grand hotel), Tel. +40 21 403 19 04.

Postage. A bar of Portuguese inspiration, with pictures of Vasco there Gama and trading vessels on the walls. The Bistro is outstanding and the prices is reasonable. Address: Ferdinand boulevard 64, Tel. +40 21 252 04 46/745 18 22 78.

Q Pub. In the working days overfills, with a DJ, which offers always good music. The beverages are low-priced. Address: Biserica Amzei STR 32, Tel. +40 21 659 21 84.

Talk Lion. Around midday one can eat or carry a good Pizza and paste courts here address forward: Academiei STR 1A, Tel. +40 21 315 15 26.

Silke. A bar, which is very popular both of the baking acre star, and of the foreigners. Here one can pursue the best international sport competitions in all peace, so that Silke of the football fans is very popular. Bar is 24 hours geoffnet; It is worthwhile itself! Address: Piata Victoriei 224, Tel. +40 21 312 96 70.

Term. This bar lies in a outstanding environment and was once the most popular bar of the city. Address: George Enescu STR. 5.

The Corner is the only bar in the environment. Both bar, and Internet Café, with rather high prices. Address: Piata Alba Iulia 6, Tel. +40 21 327 30 65.

The Green one. The beverages are marvelous and the bar are very popular under the Darts players. Address: Putul lui Zamfir STR. 26, Tel. +40 21,230 00 71/722 31 40 26, albion_26@zahoo.com.

The Harp. Lies in Piata Unirii and has a outstanding terrace. In the upper floor one can play Darts and become shown on a large screen Sportnachrichten. Address: Bibescu Voda STR. 1, Tel. +40 21 335 65 08.

Ugly club. A outstanding bar with good beverages, here is something loose and the atmosphere is pleasant always. Address: Viitorului STR. 26, at the corner of the Lascar road Tel. +40 21 788,314,932/788,314,931.

Vama Veche km 0. Regarded it is from the outside difficult to recognize that in this civil house a bar is to be found. The courts are good and the plates large. Try “tochitura” or the Macedoine. Address: Cristofor Columb 13, Tel. +40 21 211 64 46/744 67 12 13.

White Horse. In the hot evening atmosphere, the customers on the tables dance. This bar is one of the merriest places of Bucharest. Address: George Calinescu STR. 4 A, Tel. +40 21 231 27 95.

White bar has two zones: one for direct discussions, the other one for socialization in large groups. Address: Piata Alba Iulia 3, Tel. +40 21 315 80 37/721 74 66 73.

Queen' S. on the Culmea Veche road 2. The first Gaybar in Bucharest, verf? gt over a discotheque bar the entrance is nevertheless ermoglicht only due to a membership card. In order to become member, answer some intimate questions must come with another member or. Address: Culmea Veche STR. 2.


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