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The clubs

Club A is a restaurant with tradition, which takes a special place under the Bukarester clubs.

As the most famous club of the city it ensures fur a hot atmosphere, with its large selection of kinds of music (Pop/skirt/all other kinds). Address: Blanari STR. 14, Tel: +40 21 315.68.53.

Club Sugar to first evening hours already collect themselves the BMWs and Mercedes before the club. The appropriate Beleidung is must; here this condition is very strictly used. Inside you discover a pleasant atmosphere, expensive beverages, many statues, Housemusik and a strong excluding feeling. Address: Batistei STR. 11, Tel: +40 723 20.06.22.

Pana SilviuThe Office. Much fun! Much fun! A part of London in the center of Romania. Excluding. Expensively. First-class. The good music sounded during the whole night and the fine beverages and the leather sofas supplement the atmosphere. Address: Tache Ionescu STR. 2, Tel: +40 21 659.45.18.

Tipsy. Either overfills, or empty - Tipsy is rather incalculable. Here friends, who drink up to the sunrise, meet sing and plaudern. Address: Schitu Magureanu boulevard 13, Tel: +40 745 20.06.11.

Twice. Since long time one most popular restaurants of the capital. In the ground floor Technomusik is heard, in the upper floor is many young people, who dance teuflisch on the rhythm and of the 90's 80's. Outstanding equipment and an excellent atmosphere. Address: Sf. Vineri STR. 4, Tel: +40 21 313.55.92, http://www.twice.ro/

Babylon club. Good music, merry customers, much fun. Address: Zalomit STR. 6, Tel. +40 21 312 71 43/312 32 61, babylon.club@email.ro.

Baking steam turbine and gas turbine systems. An overcrowded restaurant, with music - of the 90's 80's, which are popular of customer. Is to be found in the center.

Address: Gabroveni STR. 14, Tel. +40 21 312 39 43, fax. +40 21 312 29 16, backstage.club@xnet.ro. http://www.backstage.ro/.

Caesar' s club. 100,000 ROL are paid fur the ticket. Recently very good Parties, with outstanding DJ-s, was organized. Address: Splaiul Unirii, around the corner of the Franceza road

Pana SilviuCafeneaua Actorilor (the Café of the actors). Accommodated in the upper floor a secret bar, with popular dark corners, where the mysterious fallen in love ones are to be found. The bar are on the northern side of the national theatre, in the proximity of the Intercontinental hotels. Address: Boulevard Nicolae Balcescu 2.

Charlie' s club. A new club in the center of the capital. Liked of customers of different kind, has over excellent music, usually BREAK and House, and a pleasant atmosphere. Address: Magheru boulevard 23, Tel. +40 21 314 39 27.

Pana SilviuCuando. If you want to enjoy leather jackets, whistles and hot atmosphere, then you are at the correct place. Address: Academiei STR. 35 - 37, Tel. +40 21 722 50 85.

Fire club. If you have a recent soul and in the search for are expressed, exciting club, with cheap beverages are, then you found perfect the restaurant. Address: Gabroveni STR. 12, Tel. +40 21 722 39 09 46/723 57 49 16, info@fireclub.ro, http://www.fireclub.ro/.

Planter' S. likes from humans, who are on the search for adventure. A dynamic restaurant, überfullt on each weekend. Address: Mendeleev road 10.

Ramirez Montague & Associates. An interesting clay/tone for the night life of the capital. Here frequently interesting events take place, with live ones - music and DJ-s. Address: 11 Iunie road Tel. +40 21 337 25 41.

Salsa 2. From humans visits, who feel a preference to the Latinomusik. The club has an enormous Tanzfläche, favorable beverages, hot music and is always uberfullt. Address: Luterana road 9, Tel. +40 21 723 41 22 67.

Space. One of the most distinguished clubs, visits from very elegantly tightened humans, who carry here much black and their BMWs and AUDI s park. Address: Academiei STR. 35 - 37.

Spell House. If you enter this club, then you are in the violet “Paradies”, which is decorated of designer with spider fabrics and waste. The Housemusik is preferred here. Address: Gabroveni STR. 20, Tel. +40 21 722,274,027.

Studio Martin. The best selection for those, which would like to spend a hot night. The music is excellent and the DJ-s is very often changed. Address: Iancu de Hunedoara boulevard 41, Tel. +40 21 230 32 43.

Tunnel club. One of the few clubs, where it itself inside tunnels - run knows labyrinth. The mysterious atmosphere offers the perfect to environment for a romantic discussion. House and Dancemusik are played there. Address: Academiei STR. 19 - 21, Tel. +40 21 312 69 71.

Union Jack. Here you can spend a outstanding evening, vorausgesezt, you find the entrance. The beverages are gunstig and one point of attraction are the issued diver suit. Address: Regina Elisabeta boulevard 54.


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