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The spirit of a people, the gift and the curiosity, the interest in knowledge and beauty, the soul, which fought with the times and with the Ungunst history, everything can be discovered in museums. An inheritance, which will carry its value by the time retained and it as far as the today's days. From this regard, Bucharest is a very rich city. They can convince themselves of by visiting the volgenden places…

The village museum. The museum is one the most valuable this kind world-wide and is in the Herastrau park, in the north of the city. Starting from 1935 here, by the piece, farmhouses from the whole country were brought. Here you discover more than 50 households, workshop, churches, mills and Marterln - which as proof fur traditional architecture and people art in the pictorial areas of the country. Address: Soseaua Kiseleff 28-39, Tel: +40 21 22.91.10.

The national art museum. In the year 1948, after the abolishment of the monarchy, the royal palace became the seat of the national art museum. In the year 1950 open, the national gallery accommodates works of famous painters, like Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Stefan Luchian, Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady and sculptor such as Dimitrie Paciurea, Constantin Medrea, ion Jalea and the famous Constantin Brâncusi.

Pana SilviuThe most impressive one is existing the European gallery, open in the year 1951, also 15 halls. Here you find to painting and sculptures of rem Brandt, Veneziano, Tizian, Tintoretto, Zurbaran, El Greco, Renoir, Monet, Pissaro, Breughel Delacroix, Sisley and Rubens. The museum has also 4.000 aggravations and designs more famous Romanian and foreign artist. Address: Calea Victoriei 45-53, Tel: +40 21 313, - .30.30, national.art@art.museum.ro, HTTP: art.museum.ro




Pana SilviuGeorge Enescu intending museum - the largest Romanian composer dedicated. Numerous documents and personal articles of the musician are issued in the museum, which is in the Cantacuzino palace. Auser of the violin, which got Enescu at the age of 4 years as gift, were issued also scores of its famous masterpieces, diplomas and medals - including the medal of the French Ehrenlegion. Address: Calea Victoriei 141, Tel: +40 21 659.63.65.

Art and historical museum of the city Bucharest in the Sutu palace - with works and articles, those to the city Bucharest that end 17. and at the beginning 20. Century, remind. They collections consist of approximately 300,000 articles, from coins, photo, aggravations, paintings, up to old Anzügen. Under the most valuable exhibits is also the arrow with jewels of the ruler Constantin Brâncoveanu and the first document, which the names of the city Bucharest mentioned and 1459 of Vlad Tepes “Dracula” sign. Address: Bratianu Bulevardul 2, Tel: +40 21 313.85.15, mistorie@sunu.rnc.ro

National historical museum. The precious exterior, in the neoclassical style, prepares an internal surprise. Here one finds valuable collections of fossils, jewels, tools and weapons, which tell about the 2,000 years old history of the Romanians. “One pursued, reveals you also” exhibition mentioned the pursuit techniques of the former Securitate, and can be seen here. Address: Calea Victoriei 12, Tel: +40 21 315.70.56.

Pana SilviuMuseum of natural history “Grigore Antipa” is one of the fascinating places in Bucharest. Lying with more than 3000.000 exhibits, with the richest and most important butterfly collection world-wide, it is the largest and oldest such museum from all, at the Danube, countries. Address: Soseaua Kiseleff 1, Tel: +40 21 312.88.26.

Theodor Aman museum presents most works of the artist (painting and sculptures). In the nine halls the actual vocational development of the painter is represented. After he had spent 8 years in Paris, Aman (1831 - 1891) returned to Romania and donated the Romanian academy of the beautiful arts. Nowadays the museum in its former house is to be found. Address: C.A. Rosetti STR 8. Tel: +40 21 314.58.12.

“Grigore Antipa” museum - museum of natural history. This attractive museum was recently extended, with a department for the recently discovered rare pieces. Address: Kiseleff STR. 1, Tel. +40 21 312 88 26, fax. +40 21 312 88 63.

Museum of the Romanian Bauers. Many humans state, the museum of the Romanian Bauers would be the best museum of Bucharest. The exhibits reveal the visitor all experiences of the land life beyond several centuries. The department for communist iconography, which is to be found in the ground floor, is fascinating. Address: Kiseleff Str.3, Tel. +40 21 650 53 60, fax. +40 21 312 98 75, muztar@rnc.ro, www.itc.ro/mtr/tar_e.htm.

Theodor Pallady museum - Melik house. The museum has over Pallady paintings, two of its sketches and in addition adapted works of art. The museum lies in the beautiful Melik house - recently restored - around the year 1750 by the Armenian the Hagi Kevork Nazaretoglu was established. Recently restored, the building is the oldest Hausin Bucharest. Saturday takes place here indication instruction for children. The museum is on Mondays and Tuesday closed. Address: Spatarului STR. 22, Tel. +40 21 211 49 79.

Zambaccian museum. Here they know an impressing collection, with which only Cezanne in Romania and the best Gemälder of the famous Romanian painters admires Luchian, Tonitza and Pallady. Address: Zambaccian Muzeum STR. 21 A, Tel. +40 21 230 19 20.


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