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Capital of the theatre

Since approximately a half century Bucharest is designated by the international newspapers” the capital of the theatre”. The expression is always used for a stage performance with an international value, which came on the Romanian stage to the life. The gift and Excellency became everyday terms. The theatre is just as important for the Bukarester as the music for the Italians: they are occupied with it, of it are pursued and are possessed of it. They love it.

Pana SilviuThe national theatre is the institution, whose past was mixed with the history of the Romanian play art. 1852 open, here some the largest dramatists world-wide figuration classical author and representatives of our times became. While the 150 years the national theatre Bucharest produced the most beautiful and most important international plays. At present, plays were contained of the opening by Voltaire, Moliere, Schiller and Alfieri in the first repertoire. In the year 1861 for the first time Shakespeare was demonstrated, 1895 Ibsen, 1915 Maxim Gorki, 1919 Tolstoi and 1923 A.P. Cehov. After the old building end of the Second World War was zerbombt, the theatre is since 1973 in a modern building, equipped with 10,000 square meter surface and the most modern technologies country-wide. Address: Nicolae Balcescu boulevard 2, Tel: +40 21 313.63.48.

Teatrul Bulandra was established to end of the 40's and places the personality of the actress Lucia Sturdza Bulandra into the center. By the acknowledgment of the artistic achievements of the theatre, Bulandra, in the year 1991, becomes member with complete rights of the European theatre association, the most important continental institution within the range. Among the members we mention: Odeon Theatre de l' Europe Paris; Piccolo Teatro di Milano; Royal Shakespeare company; Teatre Lliure, Barcelona… Address: Jean Louis Calderon STR. 76, Tel: +40 21 211.34.41.

Emergency tare the theatre was created in the year 1947 under the name “army theatre”. Fifty of years continuous experience brought to the theatre its earned popularity and the life span of the demonstrations can only with the fame of its actors, who moved forward on the stage in Magheru boulevard, compete. As a member of the most famous art associations in Romania, emergency tare theatre representative plays demonstrated more importantly classical and contemporary author of the universal and national play art. Address: Magheru boulevard 20, Tel: +40 21 212.52.89.

Pana SilviuThe comedy theatre was opened in the year 1961 by the large Romanian actor Radu Beligan, as a director. Until January 2002, when the theatre celebrated 42 years since of its establishment, here 116 premieres became specified, with 35 international routes. Address: Sfântu Dumitru STR. 2, Tel: +40 21 315.91.37.

Teatrul Odeon is one of the most representative theatres in Bucharest, which was created in the year 1946 and 1974 were opened. The theatre is nowadays in the building of the old theatre, which wipe in the time the two world wars one established. The Majestic hall is had the most elegant auditorium in Bucharest and the only one in Europe a sliding cover. The Odeon theatre accustomed its public with a successful, classical, contemporary, national and international repertoire. Address: Calea Victoriei 40-42, Tel: +40 21 314.72.34.

Romanian opera. The tradition of the lyric Romanian theatre is old over two centuries. Already in the year 1772 the presence of an opera company was indicated. Later, in the year 1919 the Romanian opera was created. It was at the beginning of an intensive activity on the first lyric stage of the country. The repertoire consists of over 150 opera and clenching demonstrations, which represent the extensive international repertoire. Special attention was given to the Romanian works of art, with a remarkable development by compositions established by George Enescu, Gheorghe Dumitrescu, Alfred Mendelsohn, Zeno Vancea, Mircea Kiriac, Corneliu Trailescu, Laurentiu Profeta etc. the new building of the Romanian opera, in the year 1953, offers a precious framework for an already existing and very various activity. Address: Boulevard. Mihail Kogalniceanu, 70, Tel: +40 21 314.69.80.

Those the interest in culture have, konnen in Bucharest also different points of attraction to discover…


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